The history of Stratusfaction at Backlash

Brian Lusczki     May 21, 2017

Trish's Backlash debut was arguably her most memorable and impactful – pun intended! After weeks of teases and avoiding tables, Bubba (and D-von) finally got their revenge despite losing to T&A. Trish was sent crashing through a table Trish was sent crashing through a table with Bubba loving every second!

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After defeating Molly Holly to earn a title shot against Jazz, Molly showed up at Backlash unannounced to claim Trish had cheated before attacking her. Trish went on to face Jazz but ultimately came up short by tapping out to the STF.

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One later year, Trish would face Jazz again except this time as champion. The odds were stacked against her by RAW GM Eric Buschoff, she entered the match with a ribs & back injury which WWE doctors advised against Trish competing. Plus, factor in Teddy Long (and his flying shoe). All this was too much to overcome and Jazz reclaimed the Women's Championship.

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Tristian (Trish & Christian) competed against Chris Jericho in a handicap match. They got their laugh at WrestleMania XX but on this night Jericho got his revenge.

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The World's Largest Love Machine wasn't full of love on this night. After he suffered a loss to Kane with Trish and Lita at ringside, he put Trish out of action for 5 months with a giant splash!

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After their epic battle at WrestleMania, Trish & Mickie were set to battle in this highly anticipated rematch. However, we were not granted a finish as Mickie lost the match via DQ. Trish suffered a serious shoulder injury during the match that lingered for months after this match.

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Honorable mention
Trish filmed a commercial for Backlash in 2003. It features a spoof on Joe Millionaire with a stratusfying... or not so stratusfying twist!

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