The history of Stratusfaction at Unforgiven

Brian Lusczki     September 20, 2015

In what was a hilarious segment, Trish offered her friendship to a stressed Kurt Angle who was totally oblivious and left the room. Trish also accompanied Test earlier in the night.

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Trish recaptured the women's title for a third time by defeating Molly Holly. After the match, she gave an emotional speech.

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Gail Kim and Molly Holly vowed to end Trish's career until Lita made the surprising save. This led to a tag match with Trish & Lita coming out victorious.

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Moments before defending the title, Trish & Christian's relationship took a turn for the worse as the two went their separate ways while Trish kept 'The Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko by her side. And that meant bad news for Victoria.

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After being out of action with a herniated disc, Trish returned to team with Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro to even the odds against Torrie Wilson, Victoria and Candice Michelle.

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Trish's biggest Unforgiven moment was undoubtedly on this night. Wrestling in her retirement match for the last time in front of her hometown with the chance to go out on top. It sounds seems like a dream. However that was reality as she captured the title for a history making seventh time.

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