The history of Stratusfaction at Judgment Day

Brian Lusczki     May 17, 2015

Judgment Day was once known as the May WWE PPV. It was replaced by Over The Limit and presently Payback. Here is Trish's history at Judgment Day.

Trish only played a small part in the show, but she perhaps made the biggest impact when she was tossed like a ragdoll over the top rope to the floor by the 450 lb Big Show.

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After capturing the women's title for a second time, Trish put the title on the line against Stacy Keibler who was handpicked by Vince McMahon. In this match both woman had a member of the newly defunct Dudley Boyz. In Trish's corner was Bubba Ray Dudley, while Stacy had Bubba's former tag team partner Devon. Plus, an up and coming Superstar named Batista. At this point he was Decon Batista, long before he became known as ‘The Animal'.

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Jazz defeated Trish, Victoria & Jaqueline in a fatal 4-way match to retain the Women's Championship. The ouch moment of the night came when Trish was sent to the floor and a tooth went flying in the air.

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