The history of Stratusfaction at No Mercy

Brian Lusczki     October 25, 2015

Photo: WWE


A six-person tag team match was added to the card between Trish & T&A vs Lita & The APA. Lita was left without partners after Bradshaw and Simmons were attacked by Test & Albert at the start of the match. Trish took advantage of Lita being left alone and attacked her. The match ended in a no contest.

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Photo: WWE


When Victoria arrived on the scene, she tried to make name for herself by attacking Trish. The new girl eventually got her title match, and Trish welcomed her by showing her why she was the reigning WWE Women's Champion. After the loss, Victoria took out her frustration on the champ which would setup their memorable hardcore match at the following PPV.

Fun fact: This was the PPV debut of Trish's entrance theme "Time To Rock & Roll" by Lil' Kim.

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