Trish makes's 'The Most Wildest Divas Matches of All-time' list, twice!

Brian Lusczki     October 23, 2012

Being a 7-time Women's Champion, Trish Stratus has had her fair share of wild matches inside the squared circle.

Here are 2 particular standouts that has featured among the most wildest of all-time:

Photo: WWE
Trish vs. Victoria (Survivor Series 2002)
After months of enduring craziness and back & forth attacks between Trish and Victoria, both women finally settled their differences in a hardcore match at Survivor Series.

Trish Stratus wasn't handed anything. When the former fitness model arrived in WWE as a valet for the team of Test & Albert in 2000, she was looked at as a bit of eye candy. But by the time the Toronto native retired from WWE in 2006, she'd become a record seven-time Women's Champion and, arguably, the most popular female competitor in WWE history.

How'd it happen? Tenacity, mostly. Stratus was never afraid of a challenge, which she proved at Survivor Series 2002 when she defended her Women's Title against the dangerous Victoria in a Hardcore Match. Any WWE fan who dismissed Trish as little more than a bikini model was in for a shock as the Diva fought back against every trash can lid, kendo stick and baking sheet thrown her way.

Stratus ultimately lost that night, but she left with the WWE Universe's respect. It wasn't earned — it was taken.

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Photo: WWE
Trish vs. Stephanie McMahon (No Way Out 2001)
You can say the WWE Universe got a glimpse at what Trish would eventually become in the ring in this match with Stephanie McMahon at No Way. The match came down to one goal: to make known who was the dominant female in the WWE.

Most heiresses to billion-dollar fortunes wouldn't willfully put themselves in harm's way. Of course, Stephanie McMahon isn't like other heiresses.

Defending her family's honor against the vivacious Trish Stratus at No Way Out 2001, Stephanie wasn't looking to do her best Lou Thesz impersonation in the ring. Instead, she brought the fight to Stratus in a freewheeling, giddy brawl that saw more open hand slaps and hair pulling than a marathon of "The Steve Wilkos Show."

Trish and Stephanie tore each other apart at ringside and even in the front row of Las Vegas' Thomas & Mack Center before interference from William Regal led to The Billionaire Princess' victory. Still, even the usually unflappable denizens of Sin City went home a little shocked after witnessing this uncensored catfight.

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