Trish featured in Unforgiven's most memorable matches

Brian Lusczki     September 27, 2012

Photo: WWE
The matches between Trish Stratus and Victoria brought the intensity of the women's matches to a whole new level. Hardcore matches, chair shots and solid action in the ring was what made fans sit up and notice of the women's division again. It was feuds like this one that set the stage for an epic showdown like Trish and Victoria's Unforgiven match featured on's most memorable matches.

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Photo: WWE
With a rivalry that lasted as long as their careers did, Trish Stratus and Amy "Lita" Dumas had a 7 year long rivalry that seemed to culminate to Trish's retirement match. Their epic final face-off at Unforgiven will be remembered as one of their most classic moments. As showcases some classic matches from Unforgiven, it comes to no surprise that Trish's matches with both Lita and Victoria made the list.

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Unforgiven Results: Storybook Ending

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