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As the internet landscape was evolving in the late 90s, Trish Stratus, already a rising star as a fitness model, hopped on the World Wide Web (WWW) train and registered the domain name This began a digital journey that would captivate fans and shape her brand.

Fans were greeted with the welcome message from the fitness star when they logged on in May 1999:

"I hope you enjoy your stay here ... believe me this is the beginning of a beautiful thing..."

It wouldn't take long for to gain steam with fans and become the go-to for upcoming appearances and the latest news. In fact, was the first to announce that she had signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in late 1999.

FIRST POST: Hey everyone!! Welcome to my cyber-home sweet home!!

Comment board on

Besides the news, the site featured several sections, such as 'Trish's Fridge' and a way for fans to obtain autographed photos. More on this later.

Arguably, the most popular feature was the interactive comment board – a place where fans could interact with Trish directly in the days before social media existed. Trish was only one of a handful of wrestlers at the time who provided this platform. She also corresponded with fans via email, which she frequently checked, as some of you reading this can attest to!

The comment board played a significant role in deciding the "looks" for her 2002 Babe of the Year photoshoot as well as the top 10 list on her WWE home video release in 2003.

Another popular element was fan art, where hundreds showcased their skills on a dedicated page with remarks from Trish!

Other highlights included an eBay auction of Trish's debut outfit and 'nuTRISHion' tips.

TOUGH TIMES was the official spot for all things Trish for many years, but it would hit a speed bump following her retirement from WWE in 2006.

With Trish walking away from the square circle, the site began lacking life and barely saw any new content or updates. Fans began to voice their displeasure on dedicated Trish fan sites and message boards – even though Trish's career with WWE had ended – fans still wanted their Stratusfaction! Just as it appeared the days of were ending, Trish turned to the owner of the most popular Trish Stratus fansite for help. in 2006
Popular fansite was an award-winning fansite maintained by Brian Lusczki. For over a decade, Brian had been the foremost leader in delivering Trish Stratus news and information. Even Trish had often referred to this fansite as the 'unofficial official Trish Stratus website'. For Trish and many of Status' fans, Brian's website had become the go-to location for the latest news and updates, scooping even Trish's actual website! And one of its biggest boasts was having the most comprehensive catalogue of media online, including images and videos. 

In September 2009, Trish and Brian made it official: and merged and became one. Together, they were committed to bringing the fans the most current news, providing exclusive content, and striving to create a community that is both welcoming and accessible. And now, almost 15 years later, as a team, they welcome fans and friends to and aim to deliver 100% Stratusfaction ... Guaranteed.


Backed by its newfound passion, branched out even further, establishing it as a reliable retail platform for all things Trish by launching Stratusphere Shop. The site helped launch Trish's lifestyle brand Stratusphere, which offers fitness products, DVDs, and wellness teas. Perhaps its biggest accomplishment is the site modernizing Trish's approach to getting merchandise into her fans' hands.  

As mentioned earlier, used to offer fans the opportunity to purchase autographed photos. To place an order, fans had to mail in their order details along with a check or money order. Stratusphere Shop has now developed into a full-fledged e-commerce platform with dedicated staff to facilitate her retail obligations. In addition to photos, the Shop expanded its offerings to include a variety of merchandise, including unique t-shirts and Stratusphere products. And even began retail partnerships with high-profile brands such as Topps and Mattel. The Shop has gone on to win awards and the hearts of her decades-long list of dedicated and stratusfied customers.

In 2022, Stratusphere Shop would release its most significant product by teaming up with the popular toy maker and pop culture licenser Funko. They teamed up to release a exclusive Pop! figure that became Stratusphere Shop's most-bought and highest-grossing item ever.

In addition, the site would introduce several new features, such as Fan Forum Five, a Q&A with special guests. Past guests have included Lita, Mickie James and others. There have been exclusive interviews with Bayley and Stephanie McMahon. Plus, was the first to introduce Baby Stratus, also known as Max, to the world. To date, holds nearly 2,000 articles and more than 30,000 images.

PAST LOOKS:'s homepage through the years


Stratusphere Headquarters

Today, there are many names behind the scenes running all facets of The team is dedicated to upholding Trish Stratus' original commitment when she launched in 1999 to provide 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed.

As celebrates its 25th anniversary, it remains one of the most active official websites for any celebrity, with Trish still personally involved in every aspect of it.

A special thanks to these contributors who have helped make a success:

  • John Alexopoulos

  • Jon Waldman

  • Nicole Attisano

  • Bob Kapur

  • Evelyn Lopez

  • Val Ramsy

  • Dan Calvarese

  • Martin Blee

  • Emily Castle

  • Ariel Shnerer

  • Myke Hinkley

  • ThinData

  • Live Audio Wrestling

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