It's official ... Trish has signed with the WWF!     November 25, 1999

Trish with her WWF contract

For over a year rumours have swirled around the internet about Trish's involvement within the wrestling world. She was first presented to wrestling fans when she was a guest on TSN's 'Off the Record' and TSN announced the launching of RAW to Canadian prime time television. From that moment on, her association with wrestling was established, only further enforced by her many appearances on OTR with wrestling personalities such as Butterbean, before "Brawl for All' and WWF superstar Edge.

Fans finally got to see that Trish was not only interested in wrestling as a carrer move but that she was a 'smart mark' and a true fan of wrestling through her involvement on 'the best damn wrestling show in the world' - THE LAW.

Trish was originally asked on the show as a guest and eventually joined the show full time to participate in round table discussions and caller responses.

Finally on November 10, Jim Ross flew Trish to the World Wrestling Federation headquarters to meet her in person. In the following days, Trish received a contract offer and negotiations for a multi - year deal began.

As of November 24, the deal was signed, sealed and delivered ... Trish Stratus is the newest sports entertainer in the World Wrestling Federation ... and we got two words for ya - Stratusfaction Guaranteed!

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