5 ways SummerSlam celebrated Stratusfaction

TrishStratus.com     August 21, 2015

The biggest event of the summer is here and we're looking back at all the Stratusfaction that SummerSlam provided outside of the ring.


1. 'Perfect execution!'

Trish was featured with Chyna and The Kat in the SummerSlam 2000 advert.


2. Captain Trish

Trish donning her 'Team Diva' gear was made into an action figure as part the Pay-Per-View Series 7 line.


3. 1 scoop? Or 2?

In 2002, Trish appeared solo in the advert serving up sweet Stratusfaction.


4. Vince knows best

A little fun fact we learned was that SummerSlam 2006 was expected to be Trish's last PPV however Vince McMahon made the suggestion she retire at the following event so she could perform in her hometown of Toronto.


5. Card game

Trish appeared on the SummerSlam starter deck for the popular Raw Deal game.

The history of Stratusfaction at SummerSlam
'Let The Party Begin' SummerSlam commercial shoot

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