The history of Stratusfaction at SummerSlam

Brian Lusczki     August 11, 2014


In her first SummerSlam appearance, Trish teamed with Val Venis to take on the late Eddie Guerrero and his mamacita Chyna. Unfortunately, Trish lost the match and also cost Venis his Intercontinental Championship as part of the match's stipulation.

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Trish & Lilian Garcia had the last laugh over legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel after Trish distracted The Fink allowing Lilian to hit him where it counts!

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Trish gathered the Divas roster to challenge the Diva Search girls to a game of dodgeball. Unable to play herself, due to a hand injury, Trish took on the role of captain and coach. Much her to her chagrin, she stood by as the wannabes schooled the pros to take on a victory. An unhappy Stratus took out her frustration on Victoria in an altercation following the game.

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With Trish leading the charge, the entire Divas roster gave the newest Diva Search winner Layla her initiation as a WWE Diva.

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After a challenge was laid down by Charlotte Flair, Trish accepted to find out who was the Queen of WWE. The two faced off at the very same arena Trish retired at 13 years prior in her hometown of Toronto. The two did not disappoint in a fierce face-off that was dubbed Trish's 'farewell match.'

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Honorable mention
Trish filmed a commercial for SummerSlam in 2002 that gave us a whole new reason to like ice cream… 1 scoop or 2?

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