Trish travels Canada's East Coast for her 'Babymoon'     August 26, 2013

It comes highly recommended for moms and dads-to-be to make sure they plan a "babymoon", a vacation an expecting couple takes so they can enjoy a final trip together before they are joined by their little bundle of joy.

After figuring out what exactly a "babymoon" was, Trish got to work planning her trip. "Everyone kept saying ‘where are you going for your babymoon?', and I was like 'what's that?'" Trish said with a laugh, "then I thought, 'we will never be just two again – let's book this!'"

As Trish is approaching her ninth month, the couple decided it was best to stay in the county, and chose to visit the Maritime provinces. The allure of seeing Eastern Canada's beautiful coastlines dotted with colorful fishing villages was certainly a deciding factor, but Trish couldn't deny that her penchant for fish and chips played into the decision as well.

Below Trish shares the highlights of her babymoon, which included lots of fish and chips as well as an unexpected run in with WWE's Rated R Superstar, Edge.

Trish's Babymoon

For our first daytrip, we drove out to Peggy's Cove, home of the most photographed lighthouse in the world. This is where the official quest of fish and chips began. As many of you know, we consider ourselves somewhat of fish and chip connoisseurs so we are always excited to visit new cities and seek out a fish and chip shop! We figured being in a province that has approximately 4600 miles of shoreline, this would be one of the freshest places to indulge in our favorite meal!

There is one restaurant in Peggy's Cove and they do serve fish and chips, but it was surrounded by tour buses and tourists, so I thought I would get the lowdown from one of the locals. I met a lady who runs a jewellery store. She was one of 30 residents who inhabit Peggy's Cove and she gave me the scoop! She sent us 10 minutes west to a town called West Dover and she said to look for a little fish and chip shack called Fisherman's Corner.

In Toronto, most of the fish and chip shops serve Halibut – to me a superior fish, but they had haddock. I must say, probably because of the fact that is was fresh and most likely picked up that morning – it was great! The batter was crispy and not too thick and the pieces were a good size. Plus, the hand-cut fries rounded out a successful first F&C meal!

Before heading back to Halifax we decided it was still early enough for us to hit another town. We drove another hour to a town called Lunenburg, a historic fishing and boating town and home of the Bluenose II (the ship that appears on the Canadian dime), a replica of the original ship that was built in Lunenburg. We had dinner in this pretty little town that is known for its colorful buildings before heading back to Halifax.

Thank goodness for Twitter, otherwise I would have never known my good friend Adam, aka Edge was filming his show Haven not too far away! So, the next day we visited the town of Chester where Haven is filmed. Adam showed us around the set and took us to a cute little caf̩ called The Kiwi Caf̩ where we had a delicious brunch and a totally Canadian treat of a Nanaimo bar. It happened to be Chester Race Week, billed as the largest fixed keel regatta in eastern Canada, so as we strolled around the town, we looked out to the ocean to see the waters speckled with dozens and dozens of beautiful sailboats. When dinnertime rolled around, we added another member to our motley crue Рformer WWE Superstar turned movie star Robert Maillet aka Kurrgan who is also a star of Haven. What are the chances that in one night, Chester, Nova Scotia was home to 3 former WWE Superstars?

The following day we stayed in Halifax. We spent most of the day strolling the waterfront and got our daily fish and chip fix at a little stand called The Battered Fish, which was really good! Still no halibut to be found, but the haddock they served was nice and fresh with a near perfect batter - another thumbs up! These Haligonians know their fish and chips! Next, we came across another East Coast fave – Cow's Creamery. I had been told about this ice cream place which originates in Prince Edward Island, so of course, I had to try it! I loved their trademark creamy ice cream – but what I especially loved was the company's use of puns! The shop had all kinds of fun t-shirts – from one Pun-Fu master to another, I appreciated the thought that went into their t-shirts.

We ended the day at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. We wanted to check out the Titanic exhibit and it was just a coincidence that we watched the movie in the plane on the way over, so it made seeing all the artifacts all the more interesting with that movie fresh in our head. Dinner was at Cut Steakhouse – it was superb! I've had the chance to eat at some of the best steakhouses in the world and this was a great steak. Also the staff was lovely, they even sent me a congratulatory piece of carrot cake for Baby Stratus aka Maximus!

Next we took off to visit the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. Twice a day the bay fills up and empties a billion tonnes of water during each tide cycle. We chose a point along the coast called Burntcoat Head Beach to watch this amazing natural wonder at high tide. We spent some time on the red sand beach and then we headed to New Brunswick to grab a bite to eat on our way to Prince Edward Island.

We spent the rest of our babymoon in Price Edward Island. Of all the provinces, this was the only one I didn't get a chance to perform at while I was with WWE. I've always wanted to visit and have heard nothing but great things about this island with it's rolling hills, lush landscape, famous iron-rich soil and beautiful beaches. The author of the classic novel Anne of Green Gables drew inspiration for the setting of her stories from this pretty little island. As soon as you arrive across the 8 mile long bridge, the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water, you come across the main factory for Cow's Creamery. Of course, we booked a tour for the next day!

It was in PEI that our halibut quest came to an end as we finally found a fish and chip place serving the delicious fish! Appropriately named Brit's Fish and Chips, the restaurant encompassed everything British, from the décor to the very British tradition of having mushy peas on the menu. I really can't think of a better place to eat fish and chips. Fresh halibut from the Atlantic and fresh-cut fries from PEI potatoes made Brit's a great little catch!

And that was my Maritime babymoon! I'm happy that we decided to squeeze that in before our little Max joins us, and considering I've been eating pretty clean this entire pregnancy, Max finally got a chance to have some of Mama's favorite cheat treats!

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