Fan Forum Five: #babystratus edition

Trish Stratus     July 15, 2013

I'm so excited to bring you this special edition of our Fan Forum Five feature! I loved reading all your questions – there were literally hundreds! As you can imagine, finding only 5 to answer was a tough feat! But, have no fear, as all things in my life seem to be baby-centric lately, I'm pretty sure we'll be having another special #babystratus edition so if I didn't answer yours this time, it could be answered next round. Also, many of you asked some of the same questions, so although it may not be your actual question, hopefully I've given you the answer you were looking for!

As I'm into my third trimester now, being pregnant definitely has taken over my day to day. Between nursery planning, registering for my upcoming baby shower, prepping for the big day itself – and this growing bump – it's hard for it not to be! I wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes, and support throughout and especially the #babystratus wishes – this kid is getting some love!

I'm giving you a warning now, my Twitter timeline may start to be filled with more baby stuff as we enter the homestretch! To be honest, it is flying by and September is right around the corner. Feels like it was just yesterday when I shared the big news with you at the Hall of Fame, which for the record, I'm really happy I got to share that news with you guys that evening, since you have been along for the journey for so many of my milestones.

Now, onto your questions!

Q: Anything you had to change since you got pregnant? -Tabby (@johncenaswifeyy)
A: To be honest, as far as my daily routine goes, nothing much has changed at all! My workouts, eating habits, work pace are all pretty much the same. I think the fact that I've always kept a fairly regular routine has helped with this transition. I think many women struggle with adapting to this new 'condition' (if I may call it that), where they are now required to take certain vitamins, incorporate exercise, adjust to a healthy diet, etc. But thankfully, these elements are already incorporated into my life. There are of course certain adjustments to that daily routine that I have made, like adding a prenatal vitamin and adding some hip opening yoga poses to the end of my workouts ... and kegels (sorry if that was TMI!). Stratusphere Yoga has been really the best workout for me because it allows me to get my cardio in as well as keep up my strength training. I just substitute the abs/core section with my hip openers/prenatal poses. They say whatever you were doing before you got pregnant, you should be okay to continue doing during your pregnancy. The other little challenge I've given myself is a '100 squats a day' challenge. I started that in January and I plan to keep it up until – well, until I can't do them anymore! I must say, the growing bump is adding some weight right now! I think the biggest thing that has changed is my sleep pattern, I do make it a point to get my 8-9 hours of sleep now. Normally, I run on 4-5 hours of sleep, so technically I had to double it – I guess because now I'm sleeping for two!

Q: Have you already started decorating a nursery yet? What colors have you picked out? Smile -Brianna (@stratusinfinity)
A: I have my eye on a few color schemes which I plan on finalizing this week. I'm currently obsessed with Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, which is where I ordered my crib set. I actually just did that, so now I'm all inspired to get rolling with the rest of the nursery. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress!

Q: Have you had any aversions to things you loved before? Any smells or food that make you sick? -Sonia (@soniavalkyrie)
A: I've had no aversions or cravings. I do eat an awful lot of avocados and hemp seeds, but I wouldn't say I crave them necessarily, I just enjoy eating them, especially because of the amazing nutritional value (ok, nutrishional haha).

Q: Other than your husband who was the first person you told when you found out that you were pregnant with the baby? -Cherisse (@xBellafied)
A: I was actually with my sister Christie when I found out. I had a 'pee on a stick' test at the house and when we saw the very faint plus sign we literally screamed and started jumping up and down! I remember she was like 'oh, don't jump' lol! However, this faint plus sign was making me nervous (even though the instructions clearly say 'even if it's a faint line – it's positive). We were dying to confirm, so we ran out to the drug store and bought the nifty digital one. I drank a bunch of water, we waited, then it was pee time! This one said 'Pregnant' and we screamed all over again!

Q: Can we see an updated picture of the baby bump?? #babystratus must be getting big now! -Scott (@rkortonfan32)
A: This was by far the most asked question! So, here you guys go – here I am in all my prego glory at 7 months pregnant!

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