2/14 RAW Results: No One Will Take Trish's Spotlight

Brian Lusczki     February 14, 2005

Trish made it clear this week that no one would steal her spotlight, not even Britney friggin' Spears! However, she had some business she wanted to take care of with Christy Hemme as she called her out.

Trish announced that Christy would be appearing in next month's issue of Playboy. She wanted to personally thank Christy for no longer having the word 'slut' apply to her. That it now all belong to Christy.

Christy, however, had a different on the outlook on things. She explained to Trish that posing in Playboy doesn't make you a slut...sleeping with half of the lockerroom does. This obviously didn't sit well with the women's champion as she slapped the taste right out of Christy's mouth. Who might be next?

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