2/21 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     February 22, 2005

Trish kicked off RAW this week sporting a painful looking black-eye she suffered over the weekend in Michigan while competing.

Although Trish's pretty face may have been damaged, she defended the gold in a triple-threat match against Victoria & Molly Holly. Things got underway quickly with Trish being taken out of the action before-hand but the champ would soon find herself back in the match battling it out.

It seemed Victoria was seconds away from winning the women's title - delivering the Widow's Peak on Molly but Trish made sure that did not happen as she pulled Victoria to the outside and quickly covered Molly for the 3-count retaining the title.

Moments later, Trish ran into Christy & Candice Michelle backstage - letting them know while they both do nothing, she takes care of business inside the ring. Things soon got heated as Trish took exception to Candice's reaction to Christy's remark - slapping her across the face. Christy proceeded to get in Trish's face with Trish asking "What are you gonna do?" Christy took down Trish before being restrained by officials.

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