Trish's most winningest moves

Brian Lusczki     September 10, 2012

Trish's in-ring repertoire was a diverse one with a mix of high-flying moves and aerobatic maneuvers plus innovative signature moves like the 'Stratusphere' and the 'MaTrish'. But you don't become the only seven-time WWE Women's Champion in all of WWE's history without an arsenal of devastating finishing moves.

When Trish delivered 'Stratusfaction' for the first time, the springboard bulldog would forever be established as her finishing move after it won Trish her first Championship.

After landing on's list of top 10 greatest kicks, the 'Chick Kick' is arguably one of Stratus' most impactful moves, one that brought Stratus almost as many Championship wins as 'Stratusfaction' did.

In perhaps one of her most memorable moments, one that has according to WWE earned her a place amongst the greatest ring-warriors of all time, Stratus' win at Unforgiven 2006 was accomplished with a Sharpshooter. In this homage to Bret Hart, the crowd erupted when Trish snapped on the Sharpshooter, defeating Lita to become Champion.

Take a look at all of Trish's finishing moves that resulted in her record breaking seven Championship wins.

1. Stratusfaction to Ivory

2. Stratusfaction to Jazz

3. Wheelbarrow Stratusfaction on Molly Holly

4. Ckick Kick to Victoria

5. Roll up on Lita

6. Chick Kick to Lita

7. Sharpshooter on Lita

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Trish 'chick kicks' her way onto's Top 10 list

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