My letter to my longtime mentor and friend, Bob Kennedy

Trish Stratus     April 13, 2012

As much as I have my parents to thank for making Trish Stratus, I equally have Bob Kennedy to thank. As much as of a role model both of my parents have been in my life, Bob equally has played a role in shaping me into the woman that all of you know me as today.

15 years ago, I met the man who set me on the path that I continue to steadfastly follow. I was 21 years old when I was introduced to Robert Kennedy for the first time at the old Musclemag offices on Airport road in Toronto. Bob told me about a brand new industry called 'Fitness Modeling' and he gave me an opportunity that would forever change my life. He sent me off with a date circled on my calendar for my very first professional fitness modeling photo shoot. A few months later after eating, sleeping and breathing fitness I arrived for my first photo shoot and departed with 3 words that have never left my vocabulary. Preparedness Meets Opportunity has been my mantra, my life song – it is how I have approached every possibility I have been presented with in my life, and I know that is how I have tackled each of them. The opportunity that Bob gave me is something I will never forget, and the guidance, support and friendship is something I will always remember.

Thank you for bringing brightness to so many people's lives, even if it was just bringing a smile to people's faces with your silly ties – maybe that is in fact the very reason you wore those wacky ties Mr. Kennedy!

I wanted to write this to you Bob – I wanted you to know how deeply I cared for you and how much of an impact you have had on my life. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated that you were there to advise me and guide me at just about every pivotal turn in my career and in my life. I am grateful to have had you in my life as my mentor and as my friend.

To the man who taught me how to ‘smile with my eyes' long before Tyra Banks coined the term, I'm forever thankful that I had a chance to ‘smize' for your camera Bob.

~Trish Stratus

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