Trish supports stem cell research at Renew the World Gala

Brian Lusczki     March 10, 2012

Trish was one of 50 celebs who joined 50 of Canada's top scientists to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of stem cells by 2 Canadian scientists, Drs. James Till & Ernest McCulloch at the Renew the World Gala. The evening also marked the launch of the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation, a foundation committed to building on Canada's role as a stem cell leader and innovator. The event which was produced by Hala Events, Inc was filled with inspiring moments, unexpected surprises and soul-stirring entertainment, including perfomances by Chantal Kreviazuk, Keshia Chante, Jarvis Church, Dan Hill, Sophie Serafino, Clifton Murray and Fraser Walters as well as the MYT youth choir.

The Renew The World Gala served as a collective invitation for all to lend their voices in support of stem cell science. It recoginizes the Canadain Stem |Cell |Foundation's mandate to build public understanding and reinforce that stem cells and regenerative medicine are not only about science, but about people – people and families that will be impacted by the advances made in this transformative area of medical science. Too often, the essence of discovery gets lost in the scientific details. The goal to move the dialogue into a sphere that everybody—patients, policy makers, scientists, community leaders and the public – can participate in was certainly faciliatated by this truly monumental evening.

Photos of Trish on the red carpet »

Here are 6 things you can do right now to help support stem cell science:
1. Sign the Charter - Let the world know you support stem cell science by signing the Stem Cell Charter – a call to action in support of stem cell science.
2. "Cell" a friend - Get friends, relatives, and colleagues to sign the Charter using the Share function on the Stem Cell Charter website.
3. Donate - Your donation is essential to raising awareness, educating others, and advancing research in the field of stem cell science – an area of great Canadian strength.
4. Share the videos - Let others hear about the potential of stem cell science.
5. Join the community - Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.
6. Purchase the Till & McCulloch Book - Learn the complete story of the discovery of stem cells by Canadian scientists Jim Till and Ernest McCulloch.

To learn more about stem cell research and the foundation, please visit

Twitter: @cdnstemcell #RenewTheWorldGala

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