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Press     October 6, 2011

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By Rebecca Burstein

I love workouts that allow me to multi-task (and, no, I don't mean texting while on the treadmill!), so when I was invited to preview Trish Stratus' soon-to-be-launched yoga fitness line, I was excited to see what she had in store.

You may remember her as the kick-butt, seven-time WWE champ who wasn't afraid to grunt (or Chick Kick!) her way around the ring. Now retired and running her own Toronto-area yoga studio, the former wrestler turned yogi is mixing lean yoga poses with strength-building resistance training for an all-encompassing workout.

After I checked out her spa-like studio (and yoga booty!), one thing was obvious: Trish is clearly in her element. Relaxed and bubbly, with an infectious smile, it's easy to see how Trish has coaxed everyone from her hubby's construction buddies to pro-golfers into downward dog.

She led me through a one-on-one yoga session featuring her new eco-friendly products (the brilliantly innovative weighted gloves with traction – in stores this September – will be a huge hit!), and then we stopped to chat.

Here are Trish's tips for achieving wellness – and landing the oh-so-coveted yoga booty:

Give it time
Whether you're starting a new diet or trying yoga for the first time, give yourself at least one month to feel it out.

The little things
Make time for 20 minutes of exercise every morning - it's better than nothing at all! Then, if you can, keep moving throughout the day.

Find your balance
Stick to whole foods – and avoid anything processed – so your body can easily break it all down. Don't hold back from a fish and chips meal (Trish's go-to cheat eat!) every once in a while, just be sure to find a balance by adding a physical aspect to your routine.

Jot it down
A food journal is the number one way to figure out what's working for your body and where you can improve. Write down each bite for the best chance to stay fit.

Be prepared
Keep your yoga bag handy and stock it with Trish's must-haves: A pack of Emergen-C vitamin drink mix, Larabars (preferably cashew-flavoured!), water, weighted gloves, chapstick and a scrunchie.

source: sweetspot.ca

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