11/7 RAW Results: "Magic" Victory

Brian Lusczki     November 8, 2005

On the Taboo Tuesday fallout edition of RAW, we're joined by Eric Bischoff and the entire RAW lockerroom in the middle of the ring. Basically, Bischoff wants them to step up and be better than SmackDown! Mickie James had some choice of words by asking everyone to give the Women's Champion, around of a applause for her victory at Taboo Tuesday.

Moments before their upcoming tag match, we see Trish & Mickie backstage talking. Trish trys to explain her feelings about Taboo Tuesday but Mickie assumes Trish was thanking her. James then talks delivering a double dose of Stratusfaction before walking off.

Spending most of the time on the apron, Trish would finally get into the mix after a cheap shot from Victoria that knocked her off the apron which led to Trish coming in and going to work on both, Victoria & Candice. Everything seemed to be in favor of The Champ and her idol but in a blink of an eye, Victoria struck Mickie with Candice's magic wand - picking up the victory.

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