9/14 Raw Results: Guest hostess

Brian Lusczki     September 15, 2009

Photo: WWE.com

Trish Stratus returned to WWE tonight in her hometown of Toronto as the special guest hostess for Monday Night Raw. The former seven-time Women's Champion wasted little time making big matches, even putting herself in one.

But before we got that far, the night started off with Lilian Garcia introducing her. A brunette Trish says it's great to be home - not only in Toronto but WWE as well. She promises we'd see more of her throughout the night.

Later on she is back in her office lighting candles until Beth Phoenix walks in. Beth asks who she think she is. Enter Chris Jericho. He tells Beth that Trish still hasn't gotten over him ever since he sent her packing a few years ago. Beth then insults her for running off to open a yoga studio in that second rate country. After hearing this Trish makes a tag match with herself and a partner of her choice vs. Chris Jericho & Beth Phoenix.

The time arrives to see Trish back in action. It's revealed that MVP is her choice. The match itself becomes short lived, as Jericho's real tag partner Big Show decides to interfere causing a DQ. But wait...Trish grabs the mic and says there was no way it was ending like that and makes an impromptu six-person tag match. The match restarts and Jericho, Phoenix, and Show end up falling to MVP, Stratus, and [Mark] Henry.

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Rundown of Trish's work
- Allowed Batista to leave the Raw brand for SmackDown
- Signed a no holds barred match between Batista & Randy Orton as the main event
- Granted Randy Orton a rematch vs. John Cena at next month's pay-per-view and announced that it would be inside Hell in a Cell
- Signed a match between Gail Kim & Alicia Fox to determine the no. 1 contender for the Divas Championship
- Put herself in a tag match with MVP vs. Chris Jericho & Beth Phoenix
- Made an impromptu six-person tag match with herself, MVP, and Mark Henry against Beth Phoenix, Chris Jericho, and Big Show

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