10/3 RAW Homecoming Results

By Brian Lusczki     October 4, 2005    

RAW Homecoming was undoubtly a show that won't be forgotten!

We see Trish & Ashley in their lockerroom preparing for their bra & panties match. Ashley thanks Trish. Trish says someone had to come back and take care of business. Ashley seemingly has doubts about winning but Trish ensures her they got it. Trish took a look at Ashley's bra to make sure everything was covered. The word 'bra' promptly had Mae Young interrupt them - revealing her bra. Trish & Ashley eventually got her out the door.

Quick match. Ashley & Victoria got stripped to their bra's first. Candice was stripped completely, soon followed by Victora. Torrie was then the final victim to be stripped. Trish was the only diva not to be stripped as she continues to reign supreme in bra & panties matches.

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