RAW 15th Anniversary Results: Trish & Lita Unite

Brian Lusczki     December 11, 2007

On tonight's explosive anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw, Jillan Hall came out to the ring and started to brag about her upcoming Christmas album. She felt the need to give the fans a small taste, but to everyone's delight, the former 7-time women's champion made her long awaited presence.

Trish grabbed the mic and exclaimed she was excited to be back! She went onto talk about Jillian's album and admitted that it was really bad. This of course didn't set well with the tone-deaf singer. So she told Trish she won the award for biggest ego in WWE history and that no one would disagree.

Moments later Lita hit to the ring. She wasted little time and got right in Trish's face. While this was going on, Jillian stood in the background urging Lita to hit her. However, Lita grabbed a mic and agreed with Trish that Jillian's singing sucks. Jillian then pushed the two aside and says it's all about her now. She would soon realize saying that was a mistake, as both Trish & Lita slapped her around before she finally ran off screaming.

RAW's two biggest divas stood in the ring and celebrated - even sharing a hug with one another before posing for the fans!

At the end of the night, Stone Cold Steve Austin invited all the stars out for a beer bash.

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