5/8 RAW Results: Who Are You?

Brian Lusczki     May 9, 2006

While remaining sidelined, Trish continues to keep herself active on RAW. This week she was in Maria's corner as Maria took on Mickie James in one-on-one in an non-title match.

Despite having the benefit of the former six-time Women's Champion in her corner, Maria was unable to prevail over the psychotic Diva. Knowing Trish wasn't 100%, Mickie invited her into the ring and then proceeded to stomp the fallen Maria, but Trish quickly stepped in and the two exchanged blows until Trish's damaged shoulder became a target of Mickie's.

Mickie used Trish's own sling to choke her until a mysterious woman, out of nowhere, attacked Mickie until WWE officials were able to restrain her. Whoever she was, she knew Mickie, and Mickie knew her, as Mickie yelled, "What are you doing here? You ruined everything!"

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