3/28 RAW Results: Last Stop Before Mania

Brian Lusczki     March 29, 2005

With just six days left until WrestleMania, the women's champion and challenger (with Lita) battled it out in an arm wrestling match to determine who was the strongest of them two.

At the start of the match, Trish gave us a good look at what Christy was up against as flexed off her beautiful muscle. However, luck was somehow on Christy's side as she beat Trish in an instant. Trish demanded a rematch because she wasn't ready. Trish got her rematch but the same result happen again which quickly angered her as she knocked over the table - and then shoved RAW ring announcer, Lilian Garcia to the ground. As Lita checked on her, Trish took out Lita's injuried knee. Christy wanted a piece of Trish but Trish exited the ring.

Are we looking at a soon-to-be former women's champion or will she prove once again, why she is in fact a 6-time women's champion? We'll know that answer this Sunday live on Pay-Per-View!

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