5/29 Raw results: Message sent

Brian Lusczki     May 29, 2023

48 hours after defeating Becky Lynch at Night of Champions, Trish let the WWE Universe know she doesn't care what they think and did what she was going to do because it's GOAT tingz.

Trish says Becky can go back to her dark hole again so other people can shine, such as her newest friend Zoey Stark.

Stark says if you want to be the best in WWE, you have to make a statement. And who better to learn that from than the OG herself. She ends by saying, "Thank you Trish."

Becky comes out. She tells Stark she's going to ruin her life. But first issues a challenge to Trish to a rematch since they were both in their ring gear from Saturday.

Trish sends Stark after Becky on the outside. Becky gets the better of her and makes her way into the ring, where Trish is alone. After brief revenge, Stark returns, leading to a 2-on-1 onslaught.

Stark hits the Z360 and allows Trish to deliver the knockout punch to Becky's face while wearing her Hall of Fame ring. The Man is left lying in the corner with a "Thank you Trish" t-shirt over her.

Corey Graves notes on commentary that this new alliance is trouble for Becky and the entire women's roster.

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