Canada's Got Talent: Canada picks a winner!

Bob Kapur     May 18, 2022 special guest columnist Bob Kapur recaps Canada's Got Talent airing Tuesdays on Citytv.

Kardinal Offishall, Trish Stratus, Simon Cowell, Lilly Singh, Howie Mandell pose at judges' desk

For her work as a palliative health care worker, she’s been called a hero. For adopting two children with Down’s Syndrome, she’s been called an angel. And now, after Canada voted, Jeanick Fournier will henceforth be called the winner of Canada’s Got Talent.

Jeanick truly embodies both the intent and the spirit of CGT: to give talented Canadians a chance at stardom that they might not otherwise ever get. Without this stage, it’s possible that Jeanick’s singing may have been one of the country’s best-kept secrets. But now – thanks to her incredible talent, her compelling story, and her ability to connect with Canadian viewers – she’s sure to become a household name, both here and afar.

Let’s see everything that happened on the huge finale.

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Simon Cowell is in da house!

After introducing each of the judges, Lindsay then welcomed the Godfather of Got Talent (hmm... should that be the Gotfather?), Simon Cowell to the stage. It was noted that this was Simon’s first time attending any of the international Got Talent shows. He noted that he had not watched any of the finalists’ previous performances, as he wanted to judge them based on his first impression.

Stacey Kay

Stacey’s journey in this competition has been one of reclaiming her true self, and she brought her true, authentic self for this one. Her performance of “Sax” by Fleur East was brash and bold and in your face in all the best ways. Seamlessly mixing in her rapid-fire rapping – complete with original lyrics, customized to reference the judges – and adding in some Britney-like choreography, she owned the stage and the audience, who she even led along in a fun call-and-response segment.

The homegrown judges loved everything about the performance and felt like Stacey could be the one to beat. Simon really saw star power in Stacey - though not so much in her choreographer, and said she kicked off the performance with a bang.

Shadow Entertainment

The Indian dance troupe wanted to bring a Bollywood film to life through their routine, including all the themes and twists that go along with that kind of story. They looked fantastic, from the costuming down to the actual technical execution of the moves – which some of the judges had been critical of in the past.

Despite the high-energy of the routine, Howie was bored by the performance, saying that there wasn’t enough variety in their moves and no “wow” moment for him. Lilly liked that they tightened up their execution. Kardinal and Trish didn’t feel like the performance was finale-level, but Simon disagreed, saying that he loved the act.

Courtney Gilmore

Courtney was the first of the acts tonight that seemed to be nervous by the pressure of the moment, as her delivery wasn’t as flawless as in her previous appearances. Her material this week was pretty funny, though whether or not it was as good as her earlier routines is debatable. What was good is that many of her jokes tonight weren’t centered around her disability, but rather were about relationships and could have been relatable to anyone. But her delivery seemed off, including some nervous laughter that threw off her timing a couple of times.
The judges agreed that this wasn’t a slam-dunk performance, but that the totality of her three performances over the course of the season was very strong and worthy of consideration for Canada’s votes.

The Renegades

With this performance, the Renegades showed why they earned the judges’ group Golden Buzzer. To a slamming medley of Kardinal Offishal jams, this routine was intense and powerful. With props that looked like a post-apocalyptic world, the group put on a clinic in hip-hop dancing combined with stunts and contortionism that had the entire audience screaming throughout.

Kardinal and Lilly gave their props, saying that the team had well-represented The Six (i.e. Toronto, for any of you international readers who aren’t familiar with the term, or with Drake). Howie and Simon felt like this was the performance of the night, with Simon declaring that the finals just really got started with that one.

Kellie Loder

Like Stacey, Kellie’s CGT journey was about introducing the world to their (Kellie’s preferred pronoun) true self, in this case, as transgender. As part of that truth, Kellie wanted to take the risk of performing an original song. The title and lyrics of “Mould It Like a Monster” were very personal to Kellie, including lyrics related to coming out and being true to one’s self.

The song started off as a quiet folk number, and you could easily have seen this performed on the hallowed stage at Toronto’s Massey Hall or in Nashville’s Bluebird. As the song progressed, though, the pace picked up and became more rocking. When Kellie moved from the acoustic guitar to the drum kit, though, the performance faltered somewhat, with her voice noticeably straining at times.

All of the judges enjoyed that Kellie performed an original and said that the song and the performance did justice to Kellie’s broader life journey. Lilly felt that Kellie was bigger than the CGT show, in that their purpose goes beyond simply winning the contest. Simon said that Kellie delivered a true moment and agreed with Lilly.

My take: I’ve been a big fan of Kellie since their audition, and actually got to tell them that, as I ran into them after the taping. I didn’t think the performance was the strongest – to be honest, I think switching instruments mid-song was a mistake, and it may cost her the prize money. But Kellie certainly will have earned a big fan base from this show. I know I’m one of them.

Savio Joseph

Savio went back to basics for this trick, using only a deck of cards as the instrument, and doing it close-up in front of the judges who were all seated at a table with him. He had Simon pick out a random card from the deck and put it into an envelope and asked Simon to hold onto it. He then cut the deck and handed a section of it to each of the judges, and asked them to shuffle that section. He then asked each audience member to shuffle a deck of cards (these were hidden underneath everyone’s seats, so there was no advance knowledge of same) and had Lindsay select one of those decks at random.

He then collected the cards from the judges and dealt each of them a single card. One-by-one, he then turned over their card and the top card on the audience member’s shuffled deck, and each time, the card was the same. He then revealed that the entire decks – both shuffled independently – were in the exact same order from top to bottom. Then he pointed out that each of those decks – and every other audience member’s decks were missing the Ace of Spades… which he showed was the exact same card that Simon had chosen and was in the envelope.

This was great, and the judges all loved whatever witchcraft magic Savio used to execute it. Simon felt that this was a world-class performance, and really enjoyed Savio not only as a magician but as a personality as well.

My hot take: If you’ve read my recaps before, you know I haven’t been blown away by Savio’s previous tricks, as I’ve found them too predictable in terms of the payoff, the storylines used as the plot device to be a bit too melodramatic, and the delivery to be a bit too low-key. In this case, I think he fixed the first two problems, and in fact the trick was so impressive that I can overlook the third component – which I guess is simply his style. Savio converted me into a fan with this one.


It’s a testament to the art form that, even with three of the eight finalists being dance troupes, they are all so different. Unlike the tradition of Shadow Entertainment and the frenetic kinetics of the Renegades, GRVMNT’s routine was a mix of hip-hop, modern dance, and tight chorus line style of synchronicity. They also delivered some visually stunning moves that made them look as if they were moving in slow motion like right out of The Matrix. While this may have been old hat for the rest of the judges, Simon’s first impression was to give them a standing ovation, which, if you don’t know from his other shows, is somewhat of a rarity. But it was well-deserved here.

Lilly was proud of her Golden Buzzer pick for their crisp and clean delivery, saying that they were the most consistent act throughout the competition. Howie liked their semi-final routine better than this one, but Trish was inspired and awed by the choreography tonight. Kardinal said that the troupe could easily work with some of the premiere choreographers in the world and it would be a natural fit. Simon said that he didn’t love the act at the beginning, but they won him over into a huge fan by the end, and liked that he could tell that the group’s desire to win the competition was palpable, probably even moreso than with any other act.

Jeanick Fournier

Jeanick channeled Celine Dion in her bombastic rendition of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” and, as I’ve said before, I could easily picture this one being delivered on a Las Vegas stage. Jeanick has a great voice that really soars and she really belts out those high notes with grit and power. She brought some classical flare to the stage, as she was accompanied by a string section, and showed off some rocker-level showmanship, interacting with the guitarist at one point (the guitarist should also be given credit for a blistering solo to end the song).

Trish exhausted all of her French in complimenting the performance. Kardinal said that he would buy a ticket to see Jeanick perform, and Lilly echoed that sentiment, saying that she would vote for Jeanick. Howie and Simon both loved Jeanick’s story, with Howie pointing out that seeing Jeanick’s son in the crowd had his heart bursting.

The Results

After a video package showing some highlights from the season, and some closing comments from the judges summing up the night and the season as a whole, Lindsay brought out all of the finalists for the results.

The top-three vote-getters from the home audience were: Kellie Loder, Jeanick Fournier, and the Renegades. Third place went to the Renegades, with Kellie Loder taking the runner-up spot.

Meaning Jeanick Fournier is the winner of Canada’s Got Talent. After she thanked her friends, family, and fans, the show went off the air with her celebrating with her son and the judges.

Congratulations, Jeanick, from all of us at!

Other thoughts:
  • I had the chance to chat with Trish before the show. Read that here.

  • In big news, Season Two of Canada’s Got Talent has been confirmed. To audition, you can apply at

  • The wardrobe team really brought the glitz and glamour this week. Host Lindsay Ell was the height of style in a stunning form-fitting shimmering silver dress with a faux-nude back. Kardinal Offishal was dressed to the nines in a flashy silver and black lava-lamp-patterened jacket and pants ensemble that popped. Trish was red carpet majestic in a metallic red ballgown. Lilly’s crystal-adorned pantsuit sparkled like diamonds in the sun. And Howie was decked out in a stylish black tuxedo-like suit. Simon, of course, wore one of his trademark tight-fitting shirts (a three-quarter sleeved number) and black jeans.

  • The judges made their entrances to the Europe song “The Final Countdown” which is an incredible, if under-rated, anthem song. Simon made his way out to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” which, of course, may be the best arena-rocking number of all time. I attended the live finale in person, and can attest that the audience were stomp-stomp-clapping along to his entrance.

  • Unlike some other talent shows that don’t open up voting until after all the performances were finished, the voting here started off right at the top of the show. I worried that this may give an advantage to earlier acts, but clearly those fears were unfounded, as Jeanie’s was the final performance of the night.

  • The show actually ran over its scheduled 2-hour TV allotment. Meaning anyone who set their PVR for only the two hours would have missed the results. Ouch.

  • It will be interesting to see if next season will take place again entirely in Niagara Falls or whether they will do some auditions on the road, like they do with some other competition shows. While this season wasn’t missing out in terms of diversity or geographical representation, it would be interesting to see what other talent is out there.

  • Thanks to everyone for reading these recaps, and for those who reached out either in the Comments section or on social media. I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Thanks to the entire team here at for letting me be part of the ride.

What did you all think of the show? Let me know in the comments below.

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