Simon Cowell joins Trish and fellow judges for CGT finale     April 20, 2022

"The judges have been way too nice for my liking," Simon Cowell says of the CGT panel.

The Got Talent creator is set to join the judges' table during the 2-hour finale in Niagara Falls. The news was first announced on Breakfast Television.

"Canada has produced some remarkable talent over the years and I'm delighted it now has its own Got Talent showcase. The standard of contestants on the show has been great this season, so I really wanted to see it for myself. The finale is the perfect opportunity so I can watch the best of the best compete and judge for myself. Howie, Lilly, Kardi & Trish have done a great job, but have been way too nice for my liking! So watch out Canada, I'm on my way," he said.

In its first 4 weeks, Canada’s Got Talent is Citytv's most-viewed original series in over a decade. Dancers, singers, illusionists, comedians, and every imaginable talent in between have graced the #CGT stage, including showstopping viral performances by 14-year-old singer Shea who received over 4.4M views on YouTube, and powerhouse singer from Quebec Jeanick Fournier with over 1M views.

Tune in to the finale of Canada's Got Talent on Tuesday, May 17 on Citytv or stream anytime on or the Citytv app.

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