Trish wraps up latest film project     March 2, 2022

Trish Stratus just wrapped filming of a month-long movie shoot. As announced in January, this is her second lead role.

The film was shot in various locations in Ontario, capturing the province's snowy backdrop of winter, which helped set the tone in many of the film's scenes.

Trish was thrilled with the entire process and is looking forward to everyone seeing the final product.

"The story is great, and you will see many parallels between my character and who you've seen on WWE TV. Plus, it's beautifully shot – capturing the picturesque winterscape of Ontario."

After seeing early sneak peeks, the Team agrees and is sure Trish's fans will be stratusfied. Though we cannot share all the details just yet, we can share some images taken on the set.

Stay tuned to for more. In the meantime, catch our coverage of Canada's Got Talent beginning March 22 on Citytv, where Trish serves as a judge.

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