Top 5 Trish & Triple H moments     April 28, 2020

Time to play the game! We rank the top moments between Trish Stratus and Triple H in celebration of The Game's 25th WWE Anniversary.

5. Trish & Kurt brawl with Stephanie & Triple H

After an altercation between Trish & Stephanie, the tension carried over to the ring with Kurt & Triple H by their sides respectively resulting into an all-out brawl!

4. Pedigree

Trish learned quickly that HHH was not playing any games when he delivered a Pedigree during an inter-gender tag team match to help secure victory for Stephanie McMahon.

3. Not so fast! (Excess funny moment)

After their previous interaction (see below), Triple H ops for a handshake with Trish during a guest appearance on WWE Excess.

2. Trish & Triple H team in main event

In a marquee tag team match for the main event of Raw, Trish & Triple H took on Lita & The Rock.

1. Wrestling hold gone wrong

Ranked #7 on Triple H's top career moments, this backstage segment occurred at the peak of the Trish Stratus/Stephanie McMahon storyline further accelerating their fire and one HHH felt the heat for afterwards! This memorable segment was recreated years later with the reverse roles played by DX during the Raw 1000 episode.

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