10 SmackDown! facts about Trish

TrishStratus.com     September 24, 2019

Did you know Trish and The Undertaker interacted on WWE television? Or that Trish made her in-ring debut on SmackDown? These are just some of the stratusfying facts as the show enters a new era on FOX.

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Here's the complete list we have put together:

Trish made her in-ring debut on SmackDown! (June 22, 2000)

Trish competed in 14 matches

Trish appeared in 67 episodes (Mar 2000-Jun 2002)

Trish had 4 title matches, 2 as title defenses

Trish competed against Ivory more than any other Superstar (5 times); Molly Holly (4 times)

9 of Trish's appearances were during her reign as champion

3 of Trish's storylines resulted in backstage brawls

Trish's one and only interaction with The Undertaker took place during the July 6th, 2000 edition

Trish appeared in 4 SmackDown! video game titles

The highest number of show minutes occurred on January 18, 2001 when Trish appeared in 5 segments during her storyline with Stephanie McMahon

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