Trish's top 5 moments in Madison Square Garden

By     September 9, 2019    

Madison Square Garden has a rich history with professional wrestling and WWE dating back to the 80s. Trish had some of her biggest moments at the world's most famous arena. Join us as we rank the top 5.

5. The last showdown (Raw - Sept 11, 2006)

It was a fitting end to her in-ring career ahead of her retirement match, facing one of her greatest rivals Mickie James, she and Trish wrestled together for Trish's final televised match as a member of the active roster.

4. 'You're a bunch of idiots' (Raw - Apr 18, 2005)

New Yorkers are known to be vocal and on this night that was on full display. The crowd went wild during a promo segment with Lita and the veteran Trish took back control with some remarks of her own.

3. Getting hardcore (Survivor Series 2002)

Before the women today were involved in Hell in a Cell or ladder matches, Trish and Victoria brought hardcore into the scene when they faced off at Survivor Series 2002.

2. Hall of Famer

It was perhaps one of Trish's biggest accomplishment to take place on the MSG stage when she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

1. Y2-Slap (WrestleMania XX)

The slap felt 'round the world. Trish shocked the WWE Universe when she turned bad girl by slapping Chris Jericho on the biggest stage and changing the course of her career.

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