SummerSlam results     August 11, 2019

Trish is out to prove herself.

Trish makes her entrance in her hometown.

The match gets underway.

Trish sets up and delivers a 2nd rope hurricarana.

Trish counters the Figure Four attempt.

Charlotte can't believe it.

Charlotte sends Trish crashing into the barricade.

Trish takes nasty fall to the outside after a big boot.

Trish attempts the Stratusphere.

Charlotte tries a powerbomb off the top rope...

But Trish counters with a frankensteiner.

Trish locks in a Figure 6ix.

Trish hits the Stratusfaction!

But can't put Charlotte away.

Charlotte blocks the Chick Kick with a big boot.

Charlotte makes Trish tap with the Figure Eight.

Trish receives a standing ovation to chants of "Thank you Trish".

Trish takes her final bow in her farewell match.

Stills from match ยป

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