Stratuspherian Q&A w/ Adam Blaquiere     May 23, 2019

We know it's our Stratuspherians that are the foundation of Here we give some of Trish's biggest supporters the spotlight, as we ask them a few questions about the Queen of the Stratusphere.

Meet: Adam Blaquiere (@ablaqofficial)

1. When did you become a fan of Trish?

I first became a fan of Trish Stratus way back in March 2000. I was not a wrestling fan but have 2 brothers who were obsessed. I remember they came running into the living room, grabbed the tv remote and put Sunday Night Heat on. I was 11 years old at the time so of course we argued about what we were going to be watching. It was 2 against 1 so I had to suck it up and watch it. I remember seeing this blonde bombshell walk down the ramp in a cowboy hat and a pink outfit. I had to ask who this woman was as I needed to see everything she has done! My brothers told me that they had never seen her before, she was new. That was it, I was hooked! I had to follow the career of Trish Stratus.

2. What is your favorite match or moment?

Oh wow theres so many, how can I choose! I absolutely love heel Trish, she is badass. When she interrupted Lita & Kane's wedding is by far my favourite moment. I recently watched her whole heel run again on the WWE Network and still love it as much as I did back in 2004/2005. My favourite match would have to be Trish Stratus vs Mickie James at WrestleMania 22. Although Trish lost the match and the championship, the story, the hype and the build up to that match was amazing, I was completely addicted to that story and showed it to all my friends who were not fans of wrestling. It is still something we talk about to this day.

3. Have you met Trish? If so, describe your experience.

I have met Trish many times. Prior to meeting Trish for the first time, we had a lot of Twitter exchanges (we still do to this day), she also follows me on Twitter which is amazing. When I met her for the first time she instantly recognizes me and knew my name, I honestly couldn't believe it. The most recent meeting was in New York at WrestleCon, again we always greet each other with a hug, and just chat for ages, its like she is a friend I have known for years. I would say anyone that is wanting to meet Trish, go to one of her appearances, you won't regret it she is lovely and a total babe!

4. Do you have a most prized Trish possession?

I have every single Trish Stratus action figure that has been released and I have had them all signed by Trish. I also have a replica Women's Championship which has been signed by Trish. I have boxes and boxes full of Trish Stratus merchandise so its hard to pick, but I think those for sure.

5. What is your favorite news story on

I think my favourite story would have to be when Trish Stratus was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame. She worked so hard during her 6 year run and raised the bar for women in wrestling. It was always going to happen that Trish would be in the HOF, I think the timing of it happening was perfect. Congratulations again Trish, I can't think of anyone more deserving.

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