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Trish Stratus     October 21, 1999

Hi everyone, thank you sooo much for visiting my cyber-home sweet home!! Judging from the emails I have received, I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying my site because this is nothing compared to what the end product will be.

This is really just a fancy holding page, instead of telling you we are "under construction", you can still be kept up to date about what's going on. There is all sorts of 'internal' work being done right now … and yes, that will include NEW pictures and the return of my sections devoted to training and dieting!! Some of you are new visitors, but if you had been to my site any time after I officially launched my website in May '99, you would have recalled these sections. I have found out just how important these features are based on the inquiries in your emails, so I am looking forward to helping out as best I can through these sections.

Having said that, this brings me to another topic I'd like to address - your emails. I won't exactly quote the Rock on this one, but I have "hundreds and hundreds", literally which I am slowly but surely trying to respond to. And, yes, to answer many of you, I do personally answer ALL my mail, keep in mind that includes emails and 'snail mail'. A lot of your questions are quite in depth, especially pertaining to training and dieting - when my site relaunches, a lot of those concerns will be addressed there. In the meantime, all I ask is to grant me some of your patience … I am answering the emails as they come in so I will get yours soon - I promise!

There are a few common inquiries that I will address below:

1. "When will there be new pictures?"

I think I covered that - as soon as the designers are done the'internal' work, there will be new pictures of me, new pictures in the album, the return of the training and dieting sections and the 'store' will open!!

2. "How can I order pictures?"

If you would like to rush an order (for Christmas gifts, etc) then email your address with "ORDER FORM REQUEST" as the subject and I will 'snail mail' you my order form so you can put in an order. I am aware of the Christmas thing so I recommend to ensure quick delivery of your items you send a money order, as these are instant (checks that 30 days to clear in Canada).
*Credit card ordering will only be available through the website, once the store opens.

3. "When is your next appearance?"

As I become aware of the dates, all the details will be posted on my 'news' board.

Well, I'm glad I got to touch base with you all, please keep checking back as the new site unfolds…

As they say, Stratusfaction Guaranteed!

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