10/8 Raw results: Bestie is best for business

Dan Calvarese     October 9, 2018

Prior to RAW, WWE.com announced Trish would be there to confront her Evolution opponent, Alexa Bliss. As you may recall last week, Little Miss Bliss decided to put out her own PSA, known as ‘A Moment of Bliss', to recount her supposed past encounters with Trish as a young fan. Trish coins the segment ‘A Moment of BS' before calling ‘Little Miss Brat' out. Alexa's music hits and she enters the arena with best friend, Mickie James. After an exchange of verbal jabs with one another, Alexa begins to start praising Trish only to tell her that she sucked in her prime, and there would be no Trish Stratus if Alexa Bliss was around during those days. Trish tells Alexa there is a ring to settle their differences and invites them to the ring.

Alexa and Mickie get in the ring and before chaos can ensue, Mickie interjects. She reminds Trish that nothing good happens in Chicago (Wrestlemania 22, anyone?) and that Alexa won't be getting physical tonight. Trish tells Mickie she can protect Alexa all she wants, but to give her a message that at Evolution, she will be getting a Hall of Fame beatdown…*snap* Just like that! Mickie says she would love to know what that feels like (didn't she get a taste at the Royal Rumble??) and proposes a tag team match at Evolution instead. Joy overcomes Trish's face, with her tag partner already seemingly in mind. "A tag match?! That's a heck of an idea... Now I have to think of a partner... Who could it be?! It's an XTREME-ly difficult decision to make. How about this person right here?"

Cue the music of Trish's bestie, Lita! Mickie and Alexa look shocked and unsure of what to do as Lita makes her way to the ring. Trish and Mickie scuffle while Alexa and Lita tangle with the ropes. Alexa quickly slips out of the ring, leaving Mickie to take the beatdown. Trish hits a Chick Kick and tells Lita to go to the top to hit the moonsault. Alexa pulls Mickie out of harm's way and they cower to the back while Team Bestie embrace in the ring. And there we have it – it will be Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James at the first-ever all-women's PPV, Evolution.

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