8/27 Raw results: Trish returns to silence Elias

Dan Calvarese     August 28, 2018

Elias is in the ring performing one of his latest songs for the Toronto crowd. After performing, the Drifter began running down the city of Toronto before being interrupted by hometown girl, Trish Stratus! Elias introduces her to the crowd and acknowledges his status in the company since she has been gone. Trish agreed he has excelled in the company, but advises him to "silence his cell phone, hold his applause, and shut his mouth!" when it comes to talking about Toronto. He compares his performance to the Maple Leafs' inability to win the Stanley Cup, to which Trish responds it's strikingly similar to his inability to win a WWE championship. Trish recalls her accolades during her time with WWE and brings up her match against Alexa Bliss at WWE Evolution. Elias interrupts giddily, hoping it be to be a ‘swimsuit model pillow fight' between the two women. Trish asks him to leave the ring, but Elias takes it as Trish hitting on him. He tells her he understands her feelings, but he doesn't date women in their 60s. As you would imagine, that earned Elias a slap to the face from the 7-time Women's Champion.

RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey's music hits, followed by Natalya, who joined Trish in the ring, as Natalya is scheduled to face Alicia Fox next. Alexa Bliss and Fox make their way to the ring next. Bliss calls the ladies Miss Underwhelming (Natalya), Miss Overhyped (Rousey), and Miss Completely Irrelevant (Trish), before focusing on Trish. Alexa lets Trish know that as her replacement, Trish's Stratusphere Yoga will not help her in their match at Evolution. Bliss dismisses Trish, turning her attention to Ronda regarding their RAW Women's title rematch at Hell in a Cell. She then let's all 3 women know that she and Fox have friends as well, bringing out Trish's former stalker/enemy, Mickie James. During the match, Alexa & Mickie try to interfere on behalf of Fox, but are quickly run off by Trish and Ronda. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter for the victory, and celebrates with her friends.

Trish, Natalya and Ronda are shown backstage when the Bella Twins arrive, congratulating the ladies on kicking ass out there. The twins tease an announcement and decide now is the perfect time to let everyone know they are returning to action. All the ladies hug and take a selfie together to end the segment.

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