Trish's top 10 Heat moments     August 2, 2018

Sunday Night Heat premiered 20 years ago this week. It was a fixture during the Attitude Era featuring appearances by the biggest names, including The Rock, Mankind, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was also known as the prelude show before PPVs. Heat has a personal special meaning to Trish. Can you guess why? We rank that moment as number 1, plus 9 other of her best moments on Sunday Night Heat below.

10. Working out a business deal with Stephanie McMahon

9. 3 bachelors play Trish's dating game

8. Walking out victorious in her last Heat match (Jan 16, 2005)

7. The Stratusfaction finisher is used for the first time

6. The Trish-Victoria rivalry kicks off

5. T&A interview themselves

4. First title defense after WrestleMania XIX

3. Choking out Lita

2. Hosting WWF New York

1. WWE debut

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