5 WrestleMania matches we wish we could see

TrishStratus.com     March 29, 2018

Every year as the WrestleMania card builds, it tends to start debates on potential line-ups – which got us thinking of some stratusfying fantasy match-ups of our own.

Trish definitely left her mark at WrestleMania, even Topps dedicated a whole card set to the 'Queen of WrestleMania'. She made 9 appearances on the grandest stage of all, but we can't help wanting more! We've listed 5 matches we would have loved to see!

1. Lita

It was a match that nearly happened in 2005. Trish & Lita were penciled in for a showdown at WrestleMania 21, but things changed due to an untimely injury with Lita. This had the potential that would arguably have been on the level of The Rock vs. Steve Austin at the biggest stage.

More on why this match didn't happen »

2. Natalya

Oh, Canada! A dream match between 2 Canadians that would no doubt be one for the ages.

3. Stephanie McMahon
After their epic encounter at No Way Out, who wouldn't want another one? It wouldn't be a stretch to think that Trish might! Knowing her competitive nature, we think she may feel she has some unfinished business with the Billion Dollar Princess!

4. Sasha Banks

Who can forget the confrontation between the Queen of Stratusfaction and The Boss at the Royal Rumble? We got a small taste and want more! Nuff said.

5. Alexa Bliss

Having idolized Trish growing up, It's no surprise Alexa Bliss on the mic has similar classic heel Trish vibes. The promo showdown is enough to make us salivate! And more importantly, would the fans be 'Stratusfied' or 'Blissed Off' with the outcome?

Want to see a different match? Leave your comment below!

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