Trish co-hosts CBC's The Goods     November 5, 2017

Trish joins the talented group of experts on the daytime talk show The Goods on Tuesday, November 7th. She joins co-hosts Steven Sabados (Home), Shahir Massoud (Food) and Andrea Bain (Relationships) while style expert Jessi Cruickshank is on maternity leave.

Trish sits down with the gang and talks about her time with WWE, building her fitness lifestyle brand Stratusphere, and chats about her kids, Max and Madi. After the hosts discover Trish's panache for food art, watch as she challenges them to a ‘Food Art Showdown'. Trish and Andrea have an intimate conversation about her battle with infertility, then Trish plays game master with the hosts for ‘Back to the Drawing Board', a hilarious version of pictionary – with a wrestling twist, courtesy of the Queen of Stratusfaction.

Exclusive behind the scenes photos

Tune in Tuesday, November 7th at 2pm EST on CBC to catch all the stratusfying fun!

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