Trish's 5 creepiest encounters     October 31, 2017

Trish has endured some creepy moments in WWE. With Halloween in the air, we are looking at 5 of the creepiest.

1. Hidden cam

Trish was caught on camera in her dressing room. The perpetrator was never revealed.

2. Shower time

An impatient Mickie James walks in while Trish showered.

3. Heyman gets shut down

A smug Paul Heyman tries to make his move on Trish but was quickly denied.

4. Close to hell

Trish was prepared for a title match but Raw GM Eric Bischoff pulled a bait-and-switch and inserted Kane as her opponent instead.

5. The shrine

Mickie James shows off her 'Trish shrine' and talks about her WrestleMania obsession.

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