Trish and Lita added to WWE Network Collections     December 6, 2016

Team Bestie has arrived to WWE Network Collections.

WWE Network Collections makes it easier to navigate an assortment of unforgettable matches and moments from your favorite Superstars.

This month's collection looks back at the parallel careers of trailblazers Trish and Lita as they paved the path that the woman of today walk upon. Relive the matches that cemented these Hall of Famers into WWE's history books and watch the very same moments the current generation, women of the likes of Charlotte, Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks became inspired by to one day blaze a trail of their own.

Here's the complete listing:

Trish and Lita: Evolutionary
Trish and Lita Intro

Look for more new WWE Network Collections every month.

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