4/23 RAW Results: A Little Motivation

Brian Lusczki     April 25, 2005

As part of her agreement with Viscera, Trish reluctantly agreed to go on a date with the big fella at an England diner.

When dinner began, Viscera seemingly was running late which led to Trish getting anxious of the date being called off until he showed up explaining he had gone to the drug store to pickup some condoms.

The entire date was mostly Viscera turning Trish's comments into something sexual which by the time the date was over, Trish had enough as she slapped him across the face - delivering a strong message that before she does any favors, he must take out Kane at Backlash and make him forget about her.

The big man agreed but insisted he get an advance before the night was over, so Trish flashed him her chest making it clear what he had to do. Will Viscera prevail this Sunday or will the duo's plan backfire?

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