Fan Forum Five: 2014 year end edition

By Jon Waldman     December 30, 2014    

Welcome to our last edition of Fan Forum Five for 2014. Since its inception, you have made this platform a favorite here on, as it is easily one of our most popular and most read features. You've seen it evolve from a basic Q&A to include themed versions, and we even had a guest kick off our 2014, when Amy 'Lita' Dumas took over our virtual mailbag to answer your questions.

As we say goodbye to 2014, we look forward to launching new and exciting versions of our Fan Forum Five in 2015. If you have a suggestion for a theme or a guest for a future edition of Fan Forum Five, shout it out to Trish using the hashtag #ff52015 on Twitter.

On behalf of Trish and the entire team at, happy new year to all Stratuspherians – and, keep those questions coming!

Q: How excited are you to come to UK and meet all of us?! -Anthony (@trishstratusuk)
A: SO excited!! It's been 8 years since I've been over to the UK and had a chance meet with my fans – I think we're way overdue for some British Stratusfaction! Last time I was there, it was for a personal trip in 2009, so I definitely have my favourite spots in London now that I look forward to visiting – Harry Ramsden's anyone?

When I got the offer to be a part of the London Wrestling Convention, I jumped at the chance to first of all join my fellow Hall of Famers in London, but also the fact that I'll be with my bestie, Amy made this trip a must do! We're both super excited about being about to bring the Team Bestie Tour to London! I think there's going to be some real magic this June when we come to the UK, who have some of the most passionate fans of sports entertainment in the world!

So here's a little challenge for my UK Stratuspherians – back in the Attitude Era, WWE did UK exclusive pay-per-view events called "Rebellion". I was at the 2001 and 2002 events. Let's see who can dig up the DVDs (or dare I say the VHSs) from those events. If you bring that to me – I'll sign that for free!

Q: Hi Trish. Who came up with the phrase stratusfaction guaranteed? ...your so amazing. -Rajan (@rajan69sharma)
A: My then boyfriend, now hubby, Ron and I both came up with it. I had just signed with MuscleMag and in one of the magazines, they put a full page ad selling my 8x10s which people would order and I would autograph. We actually used it in the phrase '100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed' as it pertained to my orders that would come in. I trademarked that and brought that to the WWE and it ended up being part of my logo and eventually made it's way on to my t-shirts.

Q: Women don't often get the opportunity to fight with the men in WWE but I remember clearly when you and Lita faced Christian and Chris Jericho in a great tag match. Were there any other male superstars you would have liked to have faced while you were in WWE? -Ricky (@rickysaysrawr)
A: I often think about how lucky I was that the women of our generation got to mix it up with the boys! Whether I was facing a guy, or there were times when I was teamed with a guy – these were all such great character building moments in my career and I'm so thankful that I got to have them as I got the chance to work with some of the best! And, the cool thing was, many of the male superstars I faced in the ring, I also at some point was on the same team as them. Here's just a few of those moments:

There are two male superstars of my era that I never had the chance to step into the ring with and that is The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Is it weird to say I would have liked to have taken a Stunner and be Tombstoned! That would have been a cool thing to add to my resume, just above my proudly taken Stink Face, Choke Slam and powerbomb through the table by the one and only Bubba Ray Dudley.

Q: What was the greatest moments or events you spend with your son this year? -Marine (@chickkickRKO)
A: I would have to say taking Max to his first WrestleMania this year. It was his first WrestleMania and his first trip in an airplane (and he was an awesome traveler!) so baby's firsts are always special. But there were a number of things that made it truly memorable – first, we were there to induct his godmother Amy aka Lita. Second, I got to introduce Max to my friends and my WWE family. Everyone was excited to meet Max, especially after most of them were there when we announced my pregnancy the year before. We also stayed in New Orleans after WrestleMania, so it was fun to be able to explore the city with my family and now we have these memories that will forever be a part of our lives.

Q: What exercise/stretch is best for the glutes and helps get that famous Trish Stratus booty? -Paul (@HeelPaul)
A: I have 2 exercises that I love to do for my bootaaaay:

1) Squats: This is by far my most favorite exercise for the butt! I love the burn, and the fact that it actually is a full body movement that is considered the granddaddy of exercises. When I was pregnant I gave myself a 100 squats a day challenge. Which, may I add – I completed! I did 100 squats the night before Max was born! I even utilized squats during my labor – but that's another #ff5 question...

2) Donkey Kicks: This exercise targets the hamstrings and the butt nicely. You will feel the burn for this exercise!

By the way, both of those exercises, of course, are prominently featured in my Stratusphere Yoga DVD workout!

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