1/9 RAW Results: Has Trish Had Enough?

Brian Lusczki     January 9, 2006

In one-on-one action, Trish was scheduled to defend the women's title against her allie, Ashley. But for whatever reason, Mickie felt the need to be at ringside for the match.

One would assume a mistake was waiting to happen, and that's exactly what occurred. Mickie got upset after seeing Ashley slam her idol's face into the mat and let her emotions out by pounding on the RAW Diva Search winner. Trish quickly realized what was going on and tried to hold Mickie back while asking, "why?"

As Ashley made her way up the ramp, Trish called her name but she did not stop. Trish then grabbed her title and followed - leaving Mickie alone in the ring. Has Trish finally had enough of this fan's antics?

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Moments later on WWE Unlimited, Trish caught up with Ashley and apologized for Mickie's actions. However, Ashley didn't want to hear it because she talked to Trish about her a couple days ago and she's drawing the line now. She told Trish who she hangs out with represents who they are. Trish questions what she means before walking off.

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