Fan Forum Five: Lita edition

Jon Waldman     January 13, 2014

Since launching the Fan Forum Five, wrestling's greats have been buzzing about the interaction opportunity.

So for our first #ff5 of 2014, we thought we'd open the mailbag to Trish's bestie, Amy Dumas.

Amy, known to the sports entertainment world as Lita, had one of the most illustrious careers – bar none – in wrestling history. While with WWE, Amy was a 4 time Women's Champion and managed The Hardy Boyz to several World Tag Team Championships. She also penned her autobiography, was featured in her own DVD and appeared on numerous magazine covers and promotional materials for the company.

Amy also struck a chord – literally – in the music world with her former band The Luchagores and has had several other projects since leaving the squared circle.

As expected, Stratuspherians had numerous questions for the "Extreme Diva", so here now are the fiery redheads' responses to your burning questions.

Q: You seem to be very dedicated to your healthy lifestyle and fitness régime. Do you ever have a "Cheat day" and if so what is your food of choice? -Clare (@Clare_Hardy_HHH)
A: A lot of people subscribe to the whole "cheat day" methodology of dieting and eating. I have also been guilty of this in the past. While on the road with WWE, maintaining a healthy weight and physique could prove difficult at times as we'd get done so late and only have fast food, gas station food, or whatever you packed with you. So, as far as a cheat day, no. However, I love cooking and baking. I also love flour and sugar, although try to limit my indulgences with them. I am 100% vegan, so my "cheat foods", while loaded with gluten and sugar, do not contain anything from animals. I love getting a craving for something or see something in a store or restaurant and then go home and experiment on how to come up with a vegan version of it. Even the failed experiments, while may not come out tasting like a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie, are still pretty damn good. I look at as a fun challenge and never see something and get bummed thinking I "can't" have that. I choose not to. I was at a birthday party the other night and the cake looked great and had me craving cake, so I went home and made this....

Q: What do you remember about the first time you met Trish? -Lindsay (@linzee7)
A: I wonder if Trish remembers this...... It was in Florida, we had both just been hired and were not on the road yet. At this time there was not a developmental territory, but we were brought in just to meet with some management and writers to talk about some possible ideas and general acclimation. Our contracts both included rental car vouchers, but you had to be 25 to rent a car. We were both 24 and worried about how we were going to travel. I was going to turn 25 about 6 months before her, so our plan was that I should hopefully have turned 25 by they time they called us up and I would make sure she had a ride, too.

Q: How does it feels to know that you have inspired a generation and that helped so many young girls just to be themselves? -Sabrina
A: That is probably my proudest accomplishment. While it is flattering when people say they want to grow up to be a wrestler because of me, I can appreciate and feel honor in that. However, it gives me the most joy when someone says that they were inspired by me to be them. I have pretty specific, quirky interests. I can enjoy talking with people who share similar interests with me, but what is far more attractive is someone knowing who they are. My whole life I have drawn inspiration from things so far removed from the events they actually inspired, but I think that's important. To find inspiration and drive in things you see and experience in life, but use those things not to copy or emulate, but to just be that little push or fire to give make you want to set out whatever is in your heart.

Q: In what way Amy is different to Lita and in what way they're similar? -Andrew (@BossAssNicki)
A: I can tend to not be the most social of creatures as I am sure some of you have realized on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. While I can tend to be a fairly private person, I do think it has more to do with the blurry line between Lita and Amy. We are both fearless and tough, kind of tom boyish... but that might be it. I am really introverted, I like time by myself, I have anxiety about karaoke, I have a really goofy and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor so I keep it to myself most of the times. Even friends don't get how I can perform in front of millions, sing in a band, but be really shy at the same time. But it's true. It must be why I love Halloween, or any excuse to wear a costume. When I am wrestling, singing, or performing, I don't feel shy at all, but once the set, or play, or match is over it's back to Amy – who spends hours reading about nutrient density and kettlebell training.

Q: What's the one item you must always have with you? -Sofia (@sofdlovesbsb)
A: Cinnamon Toothpicks

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