Trish gives her first post-baby interview

Emily Castle     January 6, 2014

Trish sat down for her first post-baby interview with ET Canada and gave us a peek into her new life as mommy. Backdropped by her son's nursery, Trish tells the camera about how natural it feels to be a mother.

Back to her pre-pregnancy weight only 2 months after giving birth, the fitness icon shares some of her secrets: squats. A daily regime of 100 squats, which she started during her pregnancy, was something she continued to do post pregnancy. If that isn't impressive enough, she does it with baby in tow – mama fitness at its best!

In the interview, we hear her thoughts on Max following into her WWE footsteps, plus Trish shows us some gifts from her WWE 'uncles'.

Motherhood looks good on Trish, there is an ease about the way she speaks about her new role as a mother, like it was something she was born to do. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about her interview is the fact that she is doing it while she effortlessly breastfeeds her son. Following in the steps of countless other celebrities, from Penelope Cruz to Miranda Kerr, who have advocated breastfeeding by doing it in public – the latest being Tom Brady's Supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, who recently posted a photo on Instagram of her breastfeeding her child while being primped for a shoot, it seems the message trying to be sent is "breast is best" and it is a natural thing for a mother to do.

We asked Trish why she chose to breastfeed during the interview and Trish responded that she did not plan on it, much like Max did not 'plan' to become hungry during the interview. "Breastfeeding needs to become more of a 'normal' thing. There are so many stigmas about not only the act itself but even more so about doing it in public. But, why should it be viewed any different than a bottle being fed to a baby? Actually, I think there is a slow shift, a positive one, that is happening right now in the way breastfeeding is viewed. And, with the education to support it, I hope that will encourage more mothers to enjoy this beautiful, natural experience which gives babies the best start in life."

Watch Trish in her best role yet - motherhood.

What are your thoughts? Trish wants your take.

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