10/13 RAW Results: Jericho Saves Trish?

Brian Lusczki     October 13, 2003

Tonight we were left in questioning. It began with a 6 women tag team match. Trish tagged up with Lita & Ivory to take on Victoria, Gail Kim and the women's champion Molly Holly. When Trish was finally tagged in at the closing of the match she was able to counter Victoria's 'widows peak' into a roll-up for the pinfall. However, this did not set well for Victoria & Steven Richards as Richards attacked Trish. Victoria held Trish as Richards was aiming for a Stevie Kick. Then out of nowhere came Jericho. It looked as he was gonna help with this assault but he turned around and nailed Richards also shoving Victoria. Trish layed there confused at what had just happened. Jericho then helped Trish to her feet - leaving the ring smiling at her.

In the back, Austin stopped Jericho and asked why he did what he did, and Jericho replied saying he was being a gentlemen. Is there more to this story than we know?

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