Mattel reveals first-ever Trish action figure

By Brian Lusczki     July 19, 2013    

Fans got a first glimpse of Mattel's first-ever Trish Stratus action figure at the San Diego Comic Con. During a sneak peek it was revealed that Trish will be a part of the Elite collection and it is only fitting that one of the WWE's greatest Women's Champions will come outfitted with the Women's Championship title. This is the first time Mattel has produced the Women's Champion belt.

Photo: WWE
The outfit is reproduced from an inter-promotional Women's Championship match held at Survivor Series on November 27, 2005 in which Trish with Mickie James in her corner faced Melina, who was accompanied by Mercury and Nitro. The ladies put on an impressive bout after starting off with a bang as Trish hit a high cross body of the turnbuckle on all three members of MNM. Trish eventually hit a modified Stratusfaction off the top turnbuckle to retain the Women's Championship.

The outfit represents an era of Trish's trademark ring attire and embodies certain elements that became part of her signature look during 2005-2006, namely the tie tops and lace up sides of her pants.

"As a collector myself, it was great to be able to work closely with Mattel on developing the look of the figure from the outfit to the makeup details," Trish says. "As many know, I collect Barbies as well, so I've been looking forward to eventually working with Mattel to create a new Trish figure. According to the feedback, this figure is Stratuspherian approved!"

The Elite collection is expected to hit stores this fall.

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