1/12 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     January 12, 2004

This week, we saw Trish & Lita team up to take on Jazz & Molly Holly. For the most part of the match, Trish had to watch on the beating Lita was recieving inside the ring. When Lita was finally able to make the tag, Trish brought on the offense for her team only to have it end after Theodore Long threw his coat over her causing Jazz to roll her up using a handful of Trish's pants.

After the match, Trish wasn't finished with Jazz and began to kick her. Long would then get involved. Chris Jericho would once again make the save until he was attacked by Mark Henry.

Later in the night, Trish ran down during the Jericho/Henry match trying to get some revenge on Jazz, but Jazz seem to outsmart Trish by going into the ring getting the ref to take his eye off Henry as he began to tap costing Jericho the match.

From there, we seen Stacy Keibler explain to Trish that Jericho does care & encouraged her to tell Jericho how she feels before things got worse. However, in Jericho's locker room, we seen Christian telling him that Trish doesn't care about him and just tryin to get him back. He would then convince Jericho to go back to his hotel and party and that he would forget about Trish. As soon as they left, Trish showed up missin him. More twist & turns have developed in this storyline!

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