2/9 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     February 9, 2004

This week, Trish & Chris Jericho defeated Molly Holly & Matt Hardy V1 in a mix tag match with a assist from...Christian? After Matt Hardy took out Y2J outside the ring, he pulled Trish down by her hair while she was aiming for a Chick-Kick. From there, Christian would come down to attack Matt Hardy while Trish scored a victory over Molly.

After the commerical, Trish was shown coming out of the trainers room running into Christian, who would appologize for his recent actions and state since her & Chris were friends, then there shouldn't be any reason why the 3 of them couldn't have a healthy relationship. Before Christian made his way into the trainers room, he told Trish she was looking good tonight. Does Christian have the eye for Trish now or is the Creepy Little Bastard up to something?

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